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the best you never had

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  • cosmo_naught@livejournal.com
hi (: i'm meg.

i do shit & stuff like this ensues. i'd like to think i'm easy to talk to, but i prefer face-to-face interactions. nuances are too hard to pick up on in textual form.

i was a lurker for a few years, and in that time i read a ton of stories and edited for people elsewhere. recently, i decided to offer my services on lj. i'm also (very!) slowly adding all of my favorite stories to my memories and people to my flist. supernatural is currently the only fandom i write for, although i don't write all that much. i'm much more active as a beta.

on friending: friend away! send me a message too, if you feel so inclined.

you can find me on tumblr, delicious, and AO3.

current layout is courtesy of appleleaf.